Buyers and Renters Arlington Voice

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BRAVO Programs

As a tenant advocacy organization, BRAVO offers the following programs: 

Tenant Organization: BRAVO conducts direct, door to    door outreach into rental communities, offering information about tenant rights. We also assist tenants in creating Tenant Associations, which often serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue between building owners and residents. BRAVO’s tenant organizing includes meetings held on at risk properties where tenants learn about proposed plans for their communities

Housing Literacy: In supportive adult learning environments, Arlington tenants are introduced to the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and other laws and regulations that govern the tenant-landlord relationship. They are further empowered by learning of their rights as renters. BRAVO also provides the tools they need to effectively express their concerns at the County Board and commission meetings.  Housing Literacy Classes are offered every three months in English and Spanish.

Intervention/Mediation: Through one on one counseling or working with tenant groups or associations, BRAVO staff assists tenants in communicating with landlords or management companies concerning maintenance, leasing, services, landlord harassment or other problems related to the tenant/landlord relationship.BRAVO intervenes and either helps the tenant represent himself or represents the tenant via letter, phone or personal appointment. If necessary, BRAVO refers the tenant to legal services, providing oversight of the entire legal process until the case is resolved. In some cases,  BRAVO encourages and escorts tenants as they present their cases to the County staff, to the Arlington Tenant-Landlord Commission, the Arlington County Board and to the Press.

Relocation Program Oversight: With the current General Land Use applications of by-right and site plan approval in Arlington County, tenant displacement is sometimes mitigated by a relocation plan. BRAVO does outreach in the affected communities, seeking to protect tenants’ rights and to avoid or minimize the impact of displacement.

Leadership and personal and economic development workshops: Working with our partners, BRAVO facilitates information and workshops about immigration law, housing advocacy and leadership, homeownership, Individual Development Accounts, financial literacy, and adult education.

Safe, decent and affordable housing and tenants’ advocacy efforts: BRAVO works in association with other organizations to research options and develop strategies for additional affordable housing tools. BRAVO participates in working groups interested in affordable cooperative housing and in the creation of community and conservation land trusts in Arlington